QA Scheme

Quality Policy

Jaika Automobiles and Finance Private Limited is committed to satisfying customers by providing them with quality products through continual improvement of our quality management system. Quality Assurance measures adopted in raw material and compo testing are carried out.

Quality management principles are applied to streamline all the processes and practices in Operation to achieve high standard of efficiency. High quality performance is maintained at every stage of fabrication, welding and machining and our Quality Assurance system is in compliance with and meets or exceeds the standard. Jaika automobiles and Finance Private Limited (body building division) is also committed towards improving the quality of life of its employees both within and outside its plants and offices, through improved work practices and social welfare schemes.

Quality Objective

Jaika Automobile and Finance Private Limited (body building division) in the work of manufacturer and supplier of trailers (underbody and front end), bulkers and authorised dealers of Tata commercial vehicles (sales, spare parts and services) is committed to maintain and continuously improve the quality of product and attaining market leadership through enhancing customer satisfaction.

Strive to improve the quality of operations and activities so as to meet customer satisfaction and focus on continual improvement to meet all the customer needs and expectations.

  • Create confidence in management and employees that requirements for Quality are fulfilled and maintained and the tangible quality improvements take place place.
  • Manufacturing and supply of trailers, tippers (under body and front end) with zero defects
  • Efficient use of men and machines and machines
  • To check variation during manufacturing
  • To decide about the standard of quality of product that is easily acceptable to the customers.
  • Predict and eliminate areas of customers complaints.
  • To consistently deliver quality products by adhering to set specification statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Cost reduction through continuous improvement and waste elimination.
  • Training and motivating employees to inoculate the spirit of teamwork to achieve company and individual objectives. Upgradation of suppliers and Associates. Providing safer and healthy environment to each employee.