Profile - Infrastructure


Seamless capability is stretch to cover a range of services to offer to our customers. we strive always for precision in our manufacturing and only work with the highest certified standards. With every project, seamless utilizes an experience team of certified trained metal workers and technicians, and a reliable management team to match. Our goal is always a top quality product with an on time delivery. See below for a highlight of our capabilities. All of our projects will be handled by certified welders, accompanied by a tightly related QA system system.


  • Fully equipped fabrication shop
  • Press shop with in house facilities
  • Pug and O2 cutting system
  • Separate working area in each work
  • Big stores for storage and stacking of inward material
  • Dedicated facility for painting of trailers
  • Dedicated area for storage and stacking of Steel
  • Imported welding machines
  • Aemi automatic cutting bending machine capable for non stop production
  • An independent power supply HT connection